The ranking of the 11 countries with the smallest armies in the world may surprise you, as the forerunner doesn’t actually have one! Around the world there are countries that do not stress on the importance of having military strength and focus their concentration on completely different things.

Having one of the smallest armies or even having no army can be down to two reasons. The first one being that the country can not afford to sustain an army or it attacked by another country and its military resources are controlled completely by it. Another reason may be because the country enjoys peaceful relations with all its neighbors and is not under a real threat of being attacked. This ranking included mostly small countries of course. A country with a large territory can not afford to lag behind in military terms, regardless of how good its relations are with the rest of the world. Here is what are the 11 countries with the smallest armies in the world:

11. Palestine

The country has political problems and unrest since decades. It may come as a surprise though as by some estimates Palestine has only 500 people in active military service and 56 000 paramilitaries.

10. Panama

Panama started to raise an army after the US invasion in 1989. The country is quite stable when it comes to wars or threats from other countries. Panama has at its disposal only about 500 military (no reserve forces). These military have control over its paramilitary formations, numbering approximately 12,000 people.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica maintains a small army, which is only used to maintain peace in the country. The country’s military is not trained for combat. Costa Rica has only about 9800 paramilitary forces.

8. Haiti

Haiti is a beautiful, peaceful country with some of the most amazing beaches in the world at it’s disposal. The country has only 400 active military service and 2000 paramilitary.

7. Mauritius

Mauritius is another tourist attraction and destination, which is not notorious with it’s army or military forces. The country has only 2 000 on its books.

6. Vanuatu

This tiny island country is founded in 1980 and has only 300 soldiers on active service. Vanuatu has expressed its desire to improve the state of its military forces and has plans to increase it in numbers.

5. Saint Kitts and Nevis

This two-island nation in the Caribbean and it is the smallest independent territory located in the Americas in terms of both population and area. The country has only 70 military, while those in reserve are around 130. St. Kitts and Nevis also has 119 paramilitaries.

4. Monaco

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, as it is second only to the Vatican when it comes to square feet. The native population is only 38000 people with 263 of them are on military service.

3. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is not far from St. Kitts and Nevis. The country is known mainly for its exotic beaches and its spectacular, warm weather. Every year thousands of tourists visit Antigua and Barbuda. Tourism is a major sector of the local economy. When it comes to military forces, the country has 245 military personnel, out of which 170 are on active military service, and 75 people are in reserve.

2. Iceland

Iceland is the only NATO member without an army. A Nordic country, known for its cold weather and friendly people, you can find only 130 active paramilitary there. The Icelandic Coast Guard, however guards its vast coastal borders.

1. Andorra

Andorra takes the first place in this ranking. This small country, located between France and Spain, has an area of ​​only 468 square kilometers. It is considered a shopping paradise and is famous for its ski resorts. Another thing that makes Andorra very well known is the number of people on military service. And that number is zero. You will be surprised that it has only 100 paramilitaries in the country who did not even receive military training. Andorra is one of the most friendly and peaceful countries in the world. So with or without the army – it does not matter to the people who live there and those who visit it every year!